Caspio | 2Checkout Payment Gateway Integration

2Checkout Integration

$900.00* / One Time Fee

Integrating a reliable and secure payment method with your Caspio apps may sometimes be costly and painful but now, we have made this very simple for you, we take care of the whole integration which includes:

  • Secure server side coding.
  • Transactions passed into your Caspio tables.
  • Inline form to process payments from your app.
  • Integration is only for one Caspio app.

* Logic or development out of the above mentioned features might add additional fees.

Caspio | 2Checkout Integration FAQ

It will be ready from 5 to 7 business days after 50% of the payment has been completed.

Remaining 50% should be paid when integration is completed.

No. Any request, issue or further support regarding the payment gateway must be through 2Checkout directly.

We DO NOT represent 2Checkout. We only offer integration services with your Caspio apps.

All code will be hosted in your web server so you can make changes if needed in the future.

The integration price is based in one app set up, additional apps would carry a new integration fee.

However, if you need to integrate it in more than one app within the same Caspio account, a 20% discount will be applied to the final price.

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