Caspio | MailGun Integration

MailGun Integration

Price is estimated based on desired behaviour.

With this integration, you can send custom email notifications to your users, daily digests or even managing newsletter right from your Caspio apps.

You can use your custom domain so users receive non branded emails.

No need to submit a datapage for sending out notification or acknowledgement emails, release the power of the API in your apps and discover this way to send emails at reasonable costs.

Caspio API Library FAQ

It will entirely depend on the behaviour and logic you want to implement.

There are several different stuff you can do with email automation services and all of them require different approaches.

No. You must create your MailGun account first so we can work on the integration.

Absolutely. Please contact us by sending us a message through our contact form at the bottom so we can schedule a short demo call to show you this integration.

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